Growing Tomato


Having been inspired by a blogger who grows tomatoes (My Little Corner of Rhode Island | sowing, growing and eating on four acres in southern Rhode Island) and wanting to use my own tomatoes for my breakfast omelette, I saved some seeds from a big ripe tomato, fermented them and planted half in a seed tray and half in a communal pot.

After fermenting the seeds for 5 days, it only took 2 days for the seeds in the communal pot to sprout! The ones in the seed tray are taking a little while longer to push out of the growing media but it might be because the tray was in a shaded spot.


I guess I’ll just choose a few big ones from the communal pot and set them up in their own little pots. I hope they grow well! If they do, I think I’d like to try Cherry tomatoes too!



  1. Happy little seedlings!
    It’s always exciting when they come up, no matter how long you’ve been growing them…
    And, thanks for the shout-out!

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