My City & My Bakery

I must admit that I used to get so annoyed at those endless game invites I get in Facebook. Always working on deadlines due yesterday at work, I just really didn’t see how I could waste any second to even check out those games! I get home and all I wanted to do was chill, have some quality time with hubby and the fur kids, and snooze.

Having been on sabbatical for 9 months now… Wow! It’s been THAT long! … I find myself with a little bit of time to tinker with these apps.

I discovered a whole new world, a VIRTUAL world, to explore and customize to my own liking. It makes a whole lot of sense to me.


CITYVILLE HOMETOWN is the game that started it all!
I never played Cityville on Facebook but a lot of my friends do. The touch screen capability of the iPad really just makes it so much more intuitive and fun. I tried it on my macbook and found the track pad cumbersome. This is the world we live in now, where clicking on a track pad can make or break a highly evolved game that cost millions of dollars to develop… Well, at least in my case. Having gotten used to the iPad’s touch screen, I no longer have the patience for the track pad… and who uses a mouse these days?!

What got me hooked to Cityville Hometown?
I get to build my own city, farm for supplies, name the businesses and citizens however I choose… decorate, redecorate, rearrange things around! The geek in me loves that it’s goal-oriented and strategic. I also enjoy the social aspect of it – working with neighbors to achieve goals and visiting each other’s city. Hubby doesn’t really understand why I like these games. He’s hooked on RPG’s and shootemups. Men.



CITY STORY is similar to Cityville Hometown. The lack of inhabitants though and the crude social aspect of this game got me bored. I still play it sometimes but it isn’t on my dock. The minimal interaction with neighbors make it bland compared to Cityville Hometown.



BAKERY STORY is the cutest game I have on my iPad!
Thanks to my friend, Chek, who got me into this!

Why do I enjoy this?
First, I love to bake! Well, I love it but I am not good at it just yet. And, I don’t have the proper kitchen for serious baking until we get to move in to the new house. So until then, Bakery Story is going to keep me busy. Macarons, cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes… I can bake them all in my virtual bakery. šŸ™‚
Second, the graphics are so cute! Yummy!
Third, i really enjoy interacting with friends this way. My friend Chek lives so many miles away in an opposite time zone. But we get to play this together with our other friend, Mocs (also in the east coast)! I hope more of my friends who live so far away join the fun!

Apart from being fun and being able to connect with friends, these games really provide me with my own timeout between churning, cooking, gardening, and other chores. Me time! šŸ™‚

So, if you’re wondering where I am… Visit me at my Cityville Hometown and my Bakery!


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