Today’s Featured Find: Aphrodite-ish



I am currently drooling over the vintage dresses at Free People: Shop Aphrodite at Free People Clothing Boutique.
There’s something about these prairie dresses that’s got me hooked. They’re just so feminine and dainty! They make me want to just sit out in the veranda and have some tea, with a backdrop of fragrant roses and gardenias. I think the thought of a leisurely life associated with this era magnifies how much I want that life! Soon…

Back to my find… I first thought this was a sleep gown. But, upon closer inspection (and I do thoroughly inspect every inch) I realized that it was not for sleeping at all. The fabric is a very fine sateen cotton herringbone and the lace trim was all cotton with just enough body and weight. I love the capuccino-ish color too as it matches anything from black to denim to white. Overall, the piece is opaque, with enough structure and substance to wear outside as a dress or tunic.

I am wearing this with a favorite necklace that has a locket, flowers and a bird… and maybe even top it off with a head wrap from Evita Peroni!


So, now that I found this, I’ll keep browsing Free People but will just spend what would have been the cost of a dress on that KitchenAid stand mixer I’ve been planning to get! 🙂



  1. Know just what you mean – Love the designs at Free People, but waaay overpriced for the quality. Their sale racks are a thing of beauty, though…

    • Oh I love perusing the sale racks, for sure! Unfortunately, after working in the fashion retail industry for more than a decade, it really seems absurd to pay full price for anything!

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