Salted Caramel Ice Cream

This is an update to my recent post:

The Morning I Spent Wasting a Jar of Sugar « Rica Rants & Raves.

I got help from a chef 🙂
Apparently, the glass pan I used retains so much heat that it keeps the caramel cooking after I kill the fire. So, the suggestion was to kill the fire way before the sugar starts to change color. I tried that but the sugar was still grainy. So after a moment to cool the pan, I put it back again to melt the sugar on low heat. This went on and on until I finally got everything liquified. I didn’t let the caramel start to smoke. I also added the salt after killing the fire, which caused the caramel to color and become easier to pour into the pre-greased baking sheet.

Ahhh… A beautiful golden, salty caramel praline!


Next up: churn the caramel ice cream I’ve been chilling in the fridge.


Ice cream starts off like this… the consistency of liquid custard. Thick enough to coat a wooden spoon but not solid yet.


While the ice cream was freezing in the bowl, I grabbed a pestle and cracked the cooled caramel praline to little bits (and chewed on a few). 🙂


After 20 minutes on the machine, the ice cream was nicely aerated and starting to solidify.

The recipe said to add the praline in the last few minutes of churning. I just turned it off and carefuly folded in the praline. Less strain on the motor and saves the bowl from scratches.

After freezing the ice cream some more overnight in the freezer, I devoured a couple of scoops!


On a side note: I love my new red bowls! Got them from a quaint restaurant in Tagaytay (more on that coming up soon)!

The verdict:
This recipe is the toughest one yet! I knew sugar and eggs are challenging but I got a taste of just how true that is trying to make this caramel praline.
Though I love the buttery taste of this ice cream, both Hubby and I find it too sweet!
Next time I make this, I am going to use less sugar and maybe even try using conrnstarch instead of eggs.

Oh, the guilt! 3 cups of sugar, 6 egg yolks, lots of cream, a few tablespoons of butter… I am never going to fit into that Jill Stuart dress!!!



  1. tina

    uy join ka and 🙂

  2. Looks yummy but very challenging to make! Love the step by step process using photos! ❤

    • hey sacha! not to mention… UNhealthy eats! LOL. Thanks! I’m getting more value for that DSLR now that I’m into this blog. Pretty good investment 🙂 Try posting your photos at and… I haven’t but will do soon.

      Thanks for dropping by! Please visit and like my page in Facebook! Rica Rants & Raves.

  3. Josh

    You could make it a little more savoury with some (lightly cooked) whiskey for sour and smokiness? You could also acidify a little bit with fruit, or finally, if you want, reduce the sugar and just add a little milk powder into the custard to make sure you’re hitting a reasonable ratio of solids.

    • I love it when readers give me suggestions! Gets me busy in the kitchen! Thanks for dropping by!

      I’m really wondering about cornstarch but haven’t tried it. Will surely try this with powdered milk. I’m a bit apprehensive about spirits because the first ice cream I made with Cointreau didn’t freeze well. But the bottles of Whisky better be put to good use! 🙂

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