Today’s Featured Find: Gingham



Gingham… Not just for table linens!
I love the body of this dress. It’s substantial and hides the unwanted. Perfect for lunch or dinner out … but not to a resto with gingham linens! Hahaha!
I think I’ll pair this with red or jewel-toned shoes.



  1. Det Dario

    Love your Ukay finds ! And love your site ! Can’t really picture you being domesticated but your pictures have proven otherwise ! hahaha ! Haven’t tried shopping at an Ukay but am getting encouraged by your nice finds. Meron ba dito sa South na Ukay ? Do the clothes smell bad ?

    • Thanks for dropping by! I’m glad I’m somehow entertaining you 🙂
      It’s no surprise that I’m loving my well deserved domestic bliss! I’ve always wanted this life but career got in the way!
      Still learning a lot though… I’m a newbie domestic diva. Haha!
      Ukay shopping satisfies that part of me that really enjoyed being a fashion buyer for so many years. But, I must warn you that whenever I go, I take antihistamines against dust and mold. I also have eyedrops for itchy eyes. I pack hand sanitizers, wipes, and bottled water too. It takes a lot of time, patience and focus to find good pieces. They’re just grouped by gender and form – tops, bottoms, dresses. What excites me is the thrill of the hunt! But it’s not something I can physically endure everyday!
      South – I only shop in Tagaytay. That way, I get to swing by Ming’s Garden for plants, and go food tripping! 🙂

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