Today’s Featured Find: Frilly White



I spend a lot of time outdoors. Not doing outdoorsy things though… Just walking around in the garden, and choosing al fresco instead of indoor dining.

Airconditioning is both a boon and a bane for me. Such a relief when it’s too hot outside, but the dry air gives me the sniffles that progresses to post nasal drip, then sore throat. So, I choose open, airy spaces! And that means I have to be wearing the most comfortable, breathable clothes most of the time. Hence the obsession with natural fibers!

This frilly top is just perfect: cotton eyelet with wide arm openings and a wide neckline. It just keeps me cool on a warm day. Plus, I appreciate the details: antique gold tone eyelets for faux suede tie, cotton lace trims, and ruffled bottom hem.

Such a happy, girly piece. I can’t imagine anyone wearing this without a smile!


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