Vet Day

Panicked once again this past weekend, with Charlie refusing to eat for almost 3 days! He only wanted canned food. A bit lethargic and looking depressed with droopy eyes, he just wasn’t himself. 😦

I thought he had eaten something bad from the garden or had heart worm, or a toothache… So our supposed lazy Sunday became Vet day.


Just like most human beings when feeling under the weather, Charlie was cranky at Animal House. Being a German Shepherd Dog already means he’s vocal! It didn’t help that a not-so-big vet’s assistant had to carry him to the weighing scale.

The verdict – sinus congestion and fever.
No wonder he only wanted soft food… he probably couldn’t smell the kibbles! So, he’s on antibiotics, vitamins and phenylpropanolamine. I thought he had breathing problems so I’m so relieved to find out that he was breathing through the mouth from colds and not because of some major illness!

Bambina tagged along, for moral support. 🙂


I think she knows Charlie’s sick. She’s gotten finicky with her food too but the Vet said she’s perfectly healthy. I am thinking it isn’t being sympathetic at all. I think she noticed the shift in attention with all the fuss on Charlie’s scheduled medication and special food!

So, Sunday wasn’t as lazy and relaxing as I had hoped. But, Charlie’s starting to get a little bit better everyday and Bambina’s losing some flab. 🙂

Now to treat MY fever and congestion…
In our home, dogs are just like kids. Their needs come first!



  1. Big Hugs to poor Charlie – hope he’s better soon!
    (Bambina, too, even though she’s just playing it for the attention! 😉 )

    • Charlie says Thanks! 🙂
      Of course, I do humanize our dogs too much. Poor Charlie doesn’t understand why he can’t smell his food and why he has to breathe from his mouth. It reminds me of the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua, where the GSD had a traumatic past that psychologically impaired his sense of smell that made him insecure around other dogs. With a nose that size, it’s just expected that they can sniff out anything, right?
      Charlie’s a bit more active now and trying to expel air thru his nose, probably trying to clear his sinus. It’s still frustrating to feed him. Hubby just got a bunch of canned food and Charlie seems to prefer liver and beef.
      Bambina’s happy to get all the other canned food that Charlie won’t eat!
      Do you have dogs? Sorry, I can just blabber on and on about my dogs! 🙂

      • Two of them – a golden named Cleo, and a husky-mix named Chloe. Both of them were ‘cast-off’ by children who grew up and moved out.

        They’re ours now… 🙂

        My oldest daughter has a shepard and a pomeranian – the pom is black and tan, so he looks like a miniature of the shepard… too funny!

        I totally understand your love for your dogs – a house is not a home without at least one!

      • Yes, we are both lucky to live with dogs! I really think my life would be so incomplete without them. I had a Golden named Gambit. He was Hubby’s dog even before I met him. It was Gambit who proposed marriage to me with the ring tied to a big red bow on his neck. 🙂
        So technically, I should be Mrs. Gambit Golden! Ha ha ha!
        Seriously though, my then boyfriend’s being a dog lover was a deal maker!

  2. Yaz

    Glad he is doing ok.

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