Laundry Room with Style!

Why shouldn’t a laundry room exude some style? I’ve always wondered how to make this space a little less utilitarian and a bit more interesting. Not that it would really be part of a tour when guests visit our new home for the first time. But, admittedly, I expect this room to be one of those I won’t care to amp up.

Having seen this, I think it deserves a little bit of attention!


Decorating ideas –

Living Etc. is one of my favorite magazines from UK. Such a pity that we don’t have any of the shops frequently endorsed in the magazine. Tons of great ideas for those like me who prefer the eclectic and unusual for the home.



  1. I LOVE that… can’t wait to see what you actually do!
    How long til the new house is ready?

    • Just a few months away… But the yard still has a lot of work even when we move in. I’ll post photos when we are finally there. I’m pretty sure moving, settling in and decorating will be a loooong process too! Good thing I enjoy organizing and decorating! 🙂

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