Back to the Vet

This is an update to my post three days ago about Charlie and Bambina’s visit to the vet. On medication for sinus congestion and fever, Charlie’s a bit more active but his appetite didn’t improve. Hubby and I were getting worried that he might not recover well with very little food intake. Most importantly, Charlie’s blood tests revealed that he had moderate Ehrlichiosis again – a recurring bacterial condition that causes low platelet count, lethargy, loss of appetite and fever. We were most concerned about this because Ehrlichiosis is a silent killer of dogs who are constantly exposed to ticks. It can be dormant for years and attack when the immune system is low. Worse, Ehrlichiosis can infect humans via tick bites from infected ticks!

Charlie is an outdoor dog so tick bites can’t really be 100% eradicated even with regular preventive measures. We could not be more careful, to the point of being paranoid. We lost our dear Golden Retriever, Gambit, years ago to Ehrlichiosis. We weren’t then this aware of the condition and how it can quickly weaken and kill dogs. Regular blood tests, a regimen of medicated baths, and anti-tick treatments are necessary to prevent Ehrlichiosis from recurring.
Bambina also started scooting on the floor and still didn’t want to eat much, though she tested negative for Ehrlichia and any other parasites.

So, we’re back to the vet!


Charlie was prepped for I.V. He was admitted for 24hr monitoring, rehydration and force feeding. He needs to be strong and healthy enough to start treatment of Ehrlichia.

I think the vet needs bigger examination tables! Charlie can barely fit this one, which seems to make him more nervous!

Bambina looks like she knows what’s going on in the examination room. And, she’s up next. Good girl though, she just behaved in her carrier.


These large dogs have a higher tolerance for pain. Administering the I.V. was easy on Charlie. Not on us. Definitely not easy for me to see him like this. 😦 I stay away from the examination room when procedures are done. Poor dogs might catch my nervous energy! I don’t want them to feel like they have to protect me. I find that they are much more brave and behaved on their own with the vet.


Bambina’s turn was uneventful too. She just had her anal glands cleaned. The vet said that she was just uncomfortable and that might have caused her loss of appetite. I still think she’s either sympathizing with Charlie or trying to gain back attention to herself!
I was happy to see her being submissive to Doc Olive who just adores her!
She looks like she’s just tolerating it though… couldn’t wait to jump into my arms!


She doesn’t look all that amused about being violated down there!


With heavy hearts, Hubby and I left Charlie to Doc Olive so he can get proper sustenance and care. Bambina, on the other hand seems relieved, slept like a baby on the way home, and looked forward to finishing off the canned food Charlie left in the fridge!



  1. More e-hugs for Charlie! (You too, Mama…)
    Thank goodness your vet knew to look for Ehrlichia. A customer of mine lost one of her dogs because the vet was treating for Lyme instead. By the time they figured it out – well, you can guess.
    Get well soon, Charlie-Boy!

    • Awww. Charlie says thank you! 🙂
      Ehrlichia is common here where I live. Lyme, on the other hand, is not. I hope the ticks here don’t carry that disease.
      I’m sorry to hear about your customer’s dog. 😦 My friend’s beautiful Akita just succumbed to Ehrlichia two days ago too. So sad for my friend. It really is like losing a family member.
      Charlie is still confined. No fever and started on antibiotics for Ehrlichia but his platelet count is still dangerously low. 😦
      Missing him terribly. I’m used to him following me around the garden.

  2. Winnie

    Charlie, you can do it!!

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