Tocino del Cielo

This oh-so-sinful dessert is a favorite from my childhood. My mom used to bring me to Dexter’s Bakeshop for this treat and I recall another shop, La Cibeles, that sold the best Yema Balls. That was way back in the 70’s. Good times.

So, one day while staring at the contents of our fridge, my eyes zoomed in on the dozen and so eggs just sitting there lonely… I googled for a recipe to try making this myself.

I found two great sources:

Market Manila – Tocino del Cielo / Bacon from Heaven… – General.

the scent of green bananas: imbb 16: tocino de cielo.

25 egg yolks and 5 cups of sugar sounded alarming! So I scaled it down to a fifth of the recipe for this first attempt. And, having no decent oven yet, I cooked them in the rice cooker steamer instead.

Good thing I practiced making caramel (and wasted a lot) when I made Salted Caramel Ice Cream before because the first step was to boil sugar again! Got it right this time. Though, I think I overcooked the custard. But I know I’ll get the jiggly texture I want when I do this again in a bain marie and a proper oven.

I just realized that Hubby doesn’t know how to eat this!
He scooped half of the thing in a teaspoon and then the other half… Gone.
Maybe next time, he’ll do tiny scoops like me, now that he found out that one Tocino del Cielo has one egg yolk plus butter and sugar!


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