Charlie’s Finally Home!


Our big baby boy, Charlie, is finally home from a week at the vet’s!
We brought him in initially for sinus congestion but his blood tests showed that he had chronic Ehrlichia again. With the bad weather lately, and our inability to successfully feed him, the vet had prescribed confinement until he got his appetite back. More importantly, his platelet count had to be monitored and brought up to normal levels having dropped to 19 (normal level is over 200).

We were lucky to be the first to arrive at Animal House, Meralco Ave. Charlie, already quite vocal being a GSD, was crying and whining the moment he sensed our presence. Understandably, he was excited to be with us again! We tried to hush him but it was futile. Eventually, I just let him jump, paw, nudge and drool all over me. I was teary-eyed but didn’t want to give off that energy to Charlie. He knew we missed him. No need to excite him even more when he needs his strength for the ride home.

With a bag of meds and a 2-page prescription including antibiotics, liver tonic, supplements and blood cleanser, we thanked the staff and his doctors profusely and headed home.

It’s still amazes me how he can jump into the back of our SUV from standing still, in a blink of an eye. So agile and strong! And he’s not at all at his best physical form coming from a week’s confinement.

At home, he jumped off the car, did a quick round to sniff and pee, and settled into his favorite spot by the front door. I sat on the bench nearby to keep him company and he moved to lay down by my feet. Ah, all is well. Charlie’s home.


He missed our company so much that he only fell asleep when he moved just a few inches away from my feet.


I love him enough to sleep on this hard wooden bench just so he can nap peacefully until it’s time for his meds.

Do dogs feel love? I certainly hope so.



  1. After picking Sweet Cleo up from the Doggie Hospital yesterday, I can say, without doubt, that they feel love. Her big brown eyes lit up when she came throught the door and saw me, and she’s been my constant shadow since getting out of the car at home…

    So glad you’ve got your Charlie-Boy back!

    • Was Cleo confined too? Everything ok? Charlie’s still on a bunch of meds but he seems stronger and on the way to full recovery. Just really happy he’s home and free to roam at home. He was cooped up in a kennel at the vet’s. He’s not used to that.

      • Yeah, she was on an iv drip – saline and antibiotics – for 24 hours, to knock out a bladder infection. She’s an outside dog, so being in a crate was really hard for her, too. She’s home now, and more herself, but still not eating as much as I’d like. While she was there, they diagnosed her with a heart condition – and told me they could put in a pacemaker! On a 12 year-old dog? I love her too much to do that to her…

        She caught a rabbit this morning, so I guess she’s feeling better!

      • Glad to hear Cleo’s back and chasing rabbits, no less! 🙂 She must be so happy to be home and doing her rounds!

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