Today’s Featured Find: Crisp White Linen


Linen is not an easy thing to wear. It gets wrinkled with the slightest movement. It’s only recently that I started wearing white a lot and it isn’t because I’ve learned to be more careful. I just couldn’t anymore ignore the benefits of white’s reflective quality on the skin. For my 40ish complexion that’s only recently pampered with sunblock, moisturizer, toners and the like… An extra glow from wearing white is very much welcome!

As for being careful with wrinkling linen, I suppose I am no longer as limber as I once was. Reaching for the tissue box from the front to the back seat of the car has become somewhat of a stretching exercise! Linen now survives a whole day without looking like it came out of the spin dryer. No wonder I don’t see it being worn by kids.

I love how this top looks youthful and yet very lady-like. Most BritishIndia pieces exude that quality.

BritishIndia is a Malaysian brand close to my heart. I was fortunate to meet the owners and do several buying seasons in Kuala Lumpur back in my twenties! I will always remember a grand launch event I attended in KL, complete with elephants in beautiful velvet and gold accessories, huge tents, and silver-plated sugar and coffee canisters for giveaways! My BritishIndia canister still sits proudly on my cupboard, filled with muscovado sugar. I will never replace it. It’s a piece of my history – my life as a fashion buyer I truly enjoyed.

And so, even if I get so conscious of wrinkles on linen and those reflected by white clothes on my skin… I will wear and treasure this cute little blouse!


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