Chicken & Mushroom Pie

CAFECCINO by Dome’s Chicken Pot Pie is my favorite comfort food whenever I tag along to Hubby’s meetings in Eastwood.

So, I tried looking for recipes and found these:

Chicken and mushroom pie recipe – Recipes – goodtoknow.

Chicken and mushroom pie – Recipes – New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

I liked how Caffecino’s version tasted but wanted the filling less soupy.
My first attempt was too heavy! I added corn kernels to mimic the one of Caffecino’s. But It seems my sauce got too thick. Hubby enjoyed it though.

Next time, I’ll try to make the filling lighter but not soupy, and add green bell peppers.

Why is it that I picture myself making pies with my hair in pin curls, dressed like a Stepford wife , wearing heels, horn-rimmed glasses, and a frilly apron with matching pot holders??? 🙂


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