The Truth About Cheating


Don’t panic. My marriage is not in trouble. But, this is an ebook that’s been in my iBooks library for quite some time. So, in my effort to start going through 1000+ books, I am finishing up on those I’ve started reading ages ago. What better time but now that I’m on sabbatical, right?

I know that doesn’t answer the question in your head- why do I even have this in my library???

The answer is plain curiosity! Honestly, that’s it. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to read up on how to make a marriage even more solid.

I stumbled upon this book while browsing through a long time ago. Here’s the link:

Why Men Cheat –

I’m not trying to squeeze doubt into anyone’s head. Instead, I would like to focus on what makes men happy in a marriage – happy enough not to stray. That is M. Gary Neuman’s objective as well. He is a marriage counselor who wrote a book to help empower women to build stronger relationships with their husbands. With that in mind, I got this book and started reading it until I got distracted with work and the usual daily grind.

It’s a must read, I believe. Especially for us in our 40’s with husbands hitting midlife crisis. My Hubby and I realized we were entering midlife crisis after some excruciating hours in a tattoo shop. Yup, we got inked! Got inked, then tried wakeboarding. I tried Poi Dancing but never gathered enough guts to try Fire Poi. That’s as brazen as we can get! But I digress.

What have I learned now that I’m half way done with the book? APPRECIATION goes a long, long way. That’s the most important concept in the book. It sounds so simple but I guess with a lot of our attention on responsibilities, issues, chores, kids, career, etc. – showing appreciation can be easily forgotten or put off for later.

There are more eye-openers in the book. Check out M. Gary Neuman’s website for the official overview and excerpts from the book.

The Truth About Cheating.

This may not be what you want to think about on a Sunday. I think it’s apt though, since Sunday is family day. What can we wives do to strengthen our bond with our husbands today?


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