Alexander McQueen Left £50,000 to His Dogs

Alexander McQueen Left $82,000 to His Dogs.

It’s heartbreaking that the fashion world now exists without Alexander McQueen. He was a true artist and a genius. He didn’t just design beautiful articles of clothing. His works were masterpieces!

The news about his will being released recently, about leaving £50,000 to his three dogs – Minter, Juice and Callum roused some extreme reactions.

This page came from the winter-spring 2008-2009 issue of Arena Homme+.
Photographs by Shari Hatt.

Some say it’s not right to leave that kind of money to dogs because they are not children. Some applaud him for making sure that his beloved dogs live the kind of life he wanted for them.

There’s no question I’m with those who applaud him for ensuring his dogs live the rest of their lives in the lifestyle to which they’ve been accustomed. I understand perfectly how his dogs were his children. And that’s not some superficial Paris Hiltonish thing that a lot of pet owners out there are doing – just dressing up dogs and parading them around like fashion accessories.

Having a dog is not a status symbol. It is a commitment, much like having children.

Alexander McQueen fed his dogs before himself. Parents do that with their kids. It’s like my Hubby putting back an expensive treat on the grocery shelf but thinking nothing of grabbing a few bags of premium organic treats for our dogs.

Honestly, I am guilty of buying impractical things for my dogs – designer carriers, matching leashes and collars, even clothes. However, that is not the extent of the care I provide for them. In this country where there’s no medical insurance for dogs, we don’t think twice about bringing Charlie to the vet for a week’s confinement that would have cost the same amount as a new LED TV for our bedroom, or the entire wrought iron railing for our living room veranda. Our priority is to have him treated with the best care possible. When we adopted him, we promised him that he would have a better life in our care.

It does cross my mind now and then, to set aside a trust fund for our four dogs. I can’t stand the thought of them not living the way they do now. And if anything ever happens to us, I really don’t want to impose such a great responsibility on any of our friends or family. Perhaps we should start that fund.

Thank you, Alexander McQueen, for being an inspiration – for loving your dogs so much that you left them enough to live out their lives in the best of care. I hope I can do the same for mine.



  1. After reading this I don’t feel that lucky to be human!

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