And they will shout… TIMBERRRR!!!!!

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk in Black Suede at

jeffrey campbell night walk

This is my current obsession. I don’t own it. Probably never will. But, I still lust for it…

I wonder what it is in me that keeps buying these stilts when I know I never wear them???!!!

Jeffrey Campbell makes these affordable architectural wonders for feet. Affordable, compared to Vuitton and the rest of the gang. Still, even at under $200, I would keep this shoe in a glass case.

I wonder how many women actually wear these shoes and how many steps they can actually take before someone yells TIMBERRR!!!

And yet… they’re so mesmerizing. Truly works of art.

Ok, so maybe there are 10 girls who can work these things.

I can’t. I always feel the need to have a giant baby walker to help me navigate even just a few steps – and sober, at that. Oh don’t get me wrong! I used to run around in stilettos back in the nineties. Somehow though, these towering stack-heeled wonders seem to require one to be weightless and in perpetual slow motion. Think Uma Thurman or some other waif model dragging these like ball chains, hips way ahead of them.

The appeal for me is probably the engineering behind these shoes. That’s the geek in me.

Oh, and I want these shoes because they’re just plain BAD***!



  1. OMG!!
    They are GORGEOUS!!
    I especially love the last photo!
    Huh, I wonder how many inches the heels are?
    Although, technically, their not heels, right? They’re ‘stacked wonders’!

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  3. Marie Overfors

    amazing shoes. wow.

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