Today’s Featured Find: Wraps


How I love layering!
Shawls and scarves are not the first things that grab my attention when I go treasure hunting. Not all shops have them. So when I discovered a rack full of them… I just quickly browsed and realized that I do need some of these!

Top Left:
This triangle scarf in silk and black and white print, with a dainty black trim, is going to be so cute as a bandana! Red lipstick, black Jackie-O shades – classic!

This highly textured long scarf in white cotton is in such pristine condition. I love how it reflects light on my face even when I’m wearing black. It’s white but it has that bohemian, vintage feel I love.

Bottom Left:
With all my ice cream flab, this cropped silk piece is a godsend! Now to get some strappy and strapless tops I can now wear with this!



  1. Thank you so much for posting this blog. You have given me some ideas. I love layers as well. Keep bring us updates.

  2. I cannot believe that I didn’t discover your blog sooner!
    Your fashion sense is superb!

  3. I’m loving the scarves. I have a weakness for scarves whenever I shop.

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