Denim Jackets

Don’t let go of those denim jackets at the back of your closet from the eighties or maybe just from two years ago just yet! Air it out… It’s time to use it again!

I forgot I had a biker-style denim jacket and a belted sleeveless one. Relieved I didn’t just give them away!
I came up with some ideas from some photos I got at STYLE.COM.

TIP#1: Use for covering less than perfect arms!
I can finally wear those maxi dresses I’ve been waiting to wear when my arms get toned.

TIP# 2: Use over very feminine dresses or tops.
Sometimes I don’t really feel like wearing frilly, sheer or girlie pieces on their own. A denim jacket tones them down a notch.

TIP# 3: Drape like an accessory.
I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and find an outfit already okay but something’s just missing. Draping a cropped jacket that I can either wear or sling on my bag completes the ensemble. It also helps to have a jacket ready when I find myself a little chilly under a blasting AC.



  1. denim jacket is back again.. oohh.. very lovely!:)))))))))


  2. It figures. Every time I FINALLY decide to get rid of something, it comes back…
    Time to hit the thrift stores!

  3. Winnie

    Love the Michelle Williams photo, I would so wear that!

    • Hi Winnie! I just realized how long we’ve been friends! Tere mentioned an Esprit vest we both had back in the day… It’s that belted jean vest I wore in group photo with you and others from Visual Dept. We’ve know each other long enough that the jean jacket’s back!!!

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