The Clawfooted Beauty

When Hubby and I first conceptualized our master bath, we had envisioned a modern bath with sleek lines and rough stone surfaces as accents to keep the ambience relaxed and cozy. It meant having an organic shaped stand-alone soaking tub set on raised flooring.

Fast forward to today, with so many ideas thrown back and forth, that earlier concept evolved into something more formal. We let go of the organic shaped tub and set our hearts on a black and white master suite that felt more relevant to our bedroom concept – a grown up, eclectic mix of old well-loved pieces and new things we’ll add as we grow into the space.

The new direction started when I fell in love with a clawfoot tub!

It just looks so opulent and yet set against black and white tiles… modern and elegant.

Sifting through these images inspired me to keep the look very simple, with only a glass link chandelier to cast a warm glow from above. Everything else in the suite will be angular, and modern. Or perhaps I’ll introduce an organic tree stump as an accent table and an old wooden stool for the vanity to warm up the room.

A clawfoot tub in our master bath is a little piece of grandeur in such a basic, very functional room. Though today these tubs are mass produced like any other acrylic tub, they used to be seen only in the houses of the very wealthy who could afford the specialized indoor plumbing it required not to mention an extra room inside the house just for bathing. It’s interesting though how this icon of luxury dating back to the 1800’s actually had its roots in a not-so-luxurious past. Cast iron tubs were first made for livestock use. But no, I don’t want to mention exactly what for.

To soak in this tub is a sweet reward after a long tiring day. It’s certainly going to be a well-deserved treat for all the hard work that’s going into renovating the old run-down house that will be our new home!



  1. They are beautiful!
    In our bathroom, we also wanted something modern and functional but also beautiful and grandeur.
    I’ve now got a basic, looks just like all the others, white tub with a shower fitting.

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