Maxi Skirt

I am raving about MAXI SKIRTS!

These long, billowing skirts instantly project glamor.
These Net-A-Porter images inspire me to dig through my boxes in storage to look for my skirts!

LOOK #1:

Doesn’t this just look so dreamy?!
For tropical weather like mine, light-weight sweaters will do the trick.
Sheer cotton over a discreet cami will bring out some skin to lessen the bulk.

LOOK #2:

I am loving this printed, sheer maxi skirt! It looks light and airy and contrasts perfectly with a solid, opaque top.
Proportion is key, to keep the whole ensemble from looking bulky.
The vertical lines of the skirt does wonders to elongate the body.
A statement neckpiece will balance off the print.
I want to try this look! Have to find a printed skirt ASAP!

LOOK #3:

Love the pop of color on this one!
Unfortunately, I need to be about 5 inches taller even with heels to pull this off.
The solid bright color breaks the column and will surely make me look wider.

LOOK #4:

High neckline on a long top that grazes the hips and a gradually flaring maxi skirt seems to create a long line.
This might work but only if the colors are kept monochromatic.
Of course it’s easy to put this together on a waif. For body types like mine, the fit has to be perfect.
The length of the top has to fall just on the hips and the skirt has to start flaring very gradually from mid-thigh.
Fabric shouldn’t be clingy and should be easily pulled down by gravity.

Now off to look for those boxes…



  1. Rica, you and I should get together…
    I have a ‘heavy’ woollen maxi skirt that I wear with a off the shoulder, light pink lace top with the same high neck as that in the last photo. It always looks fabulous and glamourous!
    Just a pity my Choos are hidden under the fabric!
    Good luck finding those boxes!

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