iPad in Style

In all honesty, when news of an Apple tablet came out ages ago, I wasn’t even mildly interested.

Why would I want another iDevice? I thought I was all set, with an iPhone, iPod Nano, and a MacBook.
Apparently, I was so wrong!

Fast forward to today, my iPad is that one device that’s with me 24/7. I no longer suffer from separation anxiety from my iPhone. It can stay in the purse the whole day! My iPad, on the other hand, is within close proximity at all times.

Some people may think the iPad is just another expensive toy, hawked to Apple addicts. I strongly disagree!
My iPad is my mobile photo album, photo editor, ebook reader, calendar, Internet browser, game console, kitchen timer, recipe library, blog editor, mp3 player, video player, and so much more! It’s the best boredom buster too! And, with it I am in touch with friends all over the world, 24/7, thru the multitude of social networking apps.

While it’s arguable that the iPhone can do more because it allows actual phone calls, my forty-something eyesight and stubby fingers makes the iPad much more easy to use!

Now, needing to have it with me all the time means it goes from the bedside table to the dining table, and into my purses when I am out. Just like the iPhone, the iPad has caused a stir in the fashion industry!

Another accessory was born: the iPad case/sleeve.

My cases are functional and trying to be stylish. I started off with plastic cases with embossed textures and graduated to leather cases that double as stands. What I am lusting for are the high fashion cases!

So luxurious are these cases that it’s almost taboo to just keep them hidden inside my purses!

Gucci iPad Case


MARC by Marc Jacobs


MARC by Marc Jacobs


MARC by Marc Jacobs



  1. Joyce Colendrino

    Have been thinking of getting one. Sana I can be bored like you! 🙂

  2. I was like that too when iPads came out! I’ve struggled looking for a case for mine, everything in my price range looks either a) cheap or b) for businessmen.

    I’m using a Portenzo case at the moment!

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