Cat Eye Obsession

It took a new fixation to bring me out of a self-imposed timeout from the blogosphere.

CAT EYE eyeglasses is my shiny new obsession!

It wasn’t long ago that my eyes started getting tired and blurry after a few hours of working on my laptop and reading books (the paper kind, not digital then). While I did fancy wearing eyeglasses in my twenties in the guise of needing protection from UV rays, I didn’t really expect to need prescription glasses until much later. So I made my way to an opthalmologist and then an optometrist who both informed me nonchalantly that hitting forty meant my eyes would age along with everything else, hence the itchy watery eyes and blurry vision!

On one hand, it was bad news. But, on the other hand, I get to justify collecting eyeglasses!

A pair of eyeglasses doesn’t have to be just a functional object perched on your face. It is an opportunity for self-expression. It can even be the exclamation point to a statement you’re trying to make.

I started out with a safe pair – brownish olive rectangular Gucci with a floral horse bit on one side. Quickly got bored. Then a Carolina Herrera rectangular frame in white with black abstract etching on one side. Still bored.

The newest pair, a black Miu Miu Cat Eye, is slowly getting there… a conversational piece with just the right combination of elegant black with unusual curves. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga’s choice of cat eye frames and yet still bored with the conventional cat eye, I just had to grab this frame! At more than 50% off, my fingers were shaking while trying them on!

With the Miu Miu frame still in the shop being fitted with prescription lens…
I checked out the usual haunts for more cat eye frames and only found these.
I was hoping for more ooomph!

So I turned to my favorite, ETSY.COM, for even more severe cat eye shapes!

These vintage frames are just AWESOME! Oozing with character! Can’t wait to start collecting!



  1. Hey! I’ve missed you!
    You’re gonna love this – I have my mother’s cat-eye frames from when she was in high school in the 50’s…tiny rhinestones at the corners and all! I’ve worn them several times over the years as costume pieces, but never thought about having my own prescription lenses put in.
    Glad you’re back!

    • Oh wow! That’s awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on those vintage ones at Etsy. Nothing like authentic 50s cat eyes!
      Thanks! Just have some medical issues that got me down. Add to that, several typhoons ravaged my garden!
      Yes, I am back! 🙂
      Missed you too!

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