MAXIMALISM = Decadent. Excessive. Over-the-Top.
I’ve always known I wasn’t born to live a minimalist life. While simple can mean elegant, a beautiful vintage Valentino gown worn alone can be quite decadent too. I don’t own any vintage gowns so that story ends there.

Minimalist? It only means I will wear one base color and one accent color. I find miminalism rather boring. Unless a color or fabric is cut like a sculpted art piece… it can be dangerously boring. Chunky accessories will do the trick… loads of chunky accessories!

Tommy Ton captures Maximalism in this shot. I just love how it feels cluttered yet oh-so-gorgeous.

More of Tommy Ton’s work at: Tommy Ton Shoots Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear.

What’s so inspiring is that the subjects are people on the streets. Runway is interesting but the street scene is really where it all happens! What a fabulous kaleidoscope of color, texture and energy!


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