Another new hobby!

Yesterday, I blogged about my new hobby: Artful Nails « Rica Rants & Raves.

Here’s the SLR shot of my high school homecoming / Ateneo Four-peat nails!

I used Orly, Opi, Anna Sui and The Face Shop regular nail polish. That was when I had just placed my order for Konad Nail Art stuff.

Now, I just got my Konad loot!!!


Konad Stamping set with 6 image plates, plate holder and extra scraper:

6 image plates might seem too much for a hobby… but there are just so many beautiful templates! I’m getting more!



The basics: top coat, white and black. The “Special Nail Polish” are specially formulated in high viscosity for opaque application using the stamping system. I got their top coat as well to make sure my patterns don’t streak.



More colors for stamping! I definitely need more colors but these should do till my next hoard.



Dotting pens: Konad’s gold, and Face Shop’s silver. These will add another dimension to the stamped patterns.



Regular polish from Face Shop:

I just love the heart-shaped confetti and this yummy iridescent pink! I think they’ll be perfect together!


So this is the loot for now. I need art brushes, rhinestones and more stamping polishes!… and I need a new tack box for this growing collection.

I hope my passion for this stays on until I get to the more complicated art of acrylic and gel systems!




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