flutter, flutter…

I was born with very straight eyelashes… the kind that needed Shu Uemura eyelash curler everyday to open up my eyes. But, after years of abuse, I ended up with broken lashes!

The instant fix? LASH EXTENSIONS! 

Oh, I love how they flutter!

How lucky am I to live in a country where lash extensions cost just between USD 10 to 40!

I learned about extensions a few years ago in New York. I didn’t go for it then because of all the hassle of switching to using water based products. It meant that I wouldn’t be able to use the myriad of liquid eyeliner colors I had in my kit. Bummer.

Other enhancements I tried were eyelash perm, heated lash curler and false eyelashes.

Eyelash Perm: Tried this and it lasted for 2 months. But since my lashes weren’t really long and thick, I found it uneventful. Never tried it again.

Heated Lash Curler: Have one. Doesn’t really work. To curl my naturally stick-straight lashes, I have to keep the heated wand on my lashes for a while… not quite enjoyable considering that it’s so near my eyeballs!

Having failed at mechanical curlers, heated curles and a one-time perm, I turned to False Eyelashes. Easy enough to use and gives the instant drama I had been wanting all my life. The downside? It takes time and patience to apply.

I am still on the fence whether I’ll keep maintaining my extensions or just let my natural lashes grow out. While falsies are admittedly tedious… they are just so much fun!!!

False eyelashes were first invented by an American film director, D.W. Griffith, for his 1916 epic, “Intolerance”. He wanted actress Seena Owen’s lashes to be more dramatic on screen. A wig maker was commissioned to make false eyelashes out of human hair that was woven into a gauze strip and applied with gum on the actress’s eyelids.

Today, false eyelashes range from natural to intriguing works of art! I don’t know if I’ll ever use any of these but I’m so tempted! Shu Uemura does the most stunning feather lashes!

I love these Shu Uemura lashes in peacock colors!

Elise also makes colored and feathered lashes that arguably can work for daytime. I am drawn to these!

But, the most interesting lashes are by PAPERSELF. These are made of paper! I really want to try these!



  1. Anamie

    I must do your lashes when I get back to the PH. I took a course with Xtreme Lashes in NYC and it is the best lash extension label in the market.
    Where can I buy Paperself eyelashes! They look fun!

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