PVZ in my garden!!! HELP!!!

I’ve had several “narc” moments since my anesthesiologist skillfully stabbed my spine with a 3 1/2 long needle a week and so ago. So, having been confronted by this plant in my garden at 7AM today as I was shuffling my feet through the garden, I wondered…

Am I imagining this???

What the bleep is this???

Did I reach for those tablets by my bedside while I thought I was asleep last night???

Will it attempt to open up it’s mouth and eat me alive???

Oh, dear God… Let me have my coffee first!!!

While I am a fan of Pop Cap’s PVZ / Plants Vs. Zombies… I certainly would never decorate my garden with PVZ characters. No news of any zombie attacks in my neighborhood. So, no thanks.

I know the dragon fruit flowers and fruits look similar to this creature but the dragon fruit plant is a cactus with the usual prickly thorns.

This, however, is something I have not identified yet. No thorns and appears to have leaves growing straight out of the ground. Smaller leaves grow out of the sides of the bigger leaves. That is how this plant has been for about a year now. It didn’t really freak me out when it only had leaves.

So, why do I have this and why am I so surprised?

This plant came from Baguio. I was having hot choco one cold rainy afternoon with Hubby and this fleshy leaf-like thing was hanging from something behind our seats, seemingly wanting to join our hug. Tried to push it out of our way and it just kept on dropping into the space between us, trying to reach for my hot strawberry infused choco. Having really caught my attention, I pinched a section of it to bring back to our cottage and see if it would actually survive. Besides, it seemed to really want to come home with us. It didn’t have any flowers then and I really don’t know how I can possibly identify it. Is it a succulent? A cactus?

I only had a leaf-like section that I pushed into potting medium and left alone. Now, this. Not even sure if this is a flower.


I hope I catch it when it blooms… but then again it might just escape one night to go looking for zombies… or I might find it raiding the pantry for hot choco.




  1. Hey, Rica! Good to see you back up and about!
    The growth habit on that thing looks like a cactus family member that we grow as a houseplant – remember Christmas Cactus? Everyone’s Mom had one when I was growing up…
    Looks really cool – hope you get a pic when it blooms!

    • Thanks! Christmas cactus? I don’t remember this but we might have a different name for it here. I’ll research on that. This plant isn’t common here. I’ve never seen this in the usual nurseries. The flower looks so similar to a dragon fruit flower though. You are probably right. Must be a cactus!

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