Mystery in the Darkness

Last weekend, a mysterious flower bud made its first ever appearance in my garden. Check out photos of the PVZ wannabe in my post yesterday: PVZ in my garden!!! HELP!!! « Rica Rants & Raves.

Getting out of the car last night, my nose captured a faint rich floral scent in the air.

A few steps away was a fist-sized white flower glowing in the darkness.

The PVZ beast morphed into this stunning beauty!!!

I am going to pluck some “leaves” to propagate this intriguing plant. This will be lovely in our bedroom veranda.

I can imagine taking sips of wine at night with these flowers glowing in my midst. Wow.

Not knowing how long this flower would remain in bloom, I took more photos with a small lamp for backlighting.


Sadly, the flower wilted away in the morning. Now for the long wait…



  1. What an ethereal, lovely thing!
    Any more clue as to its name?

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