Drooling for LA DOLCE VITA!

I’m not much of an Italian food fan. It’s not something I can have all day, everday. But, I do have my moods for a good pasta dish, pizza and gelato.

I also love cocktails… not to the point of drunken stupor though. I just enjoy getting a little buzz that can make an evening out so much more fun than if I were sober!

So when a good friend invited me to La Dolce Vita, a resto bar in Makati… my initial reaction was “Oh. Ok. I’ll try it out.” He’s one of my really good friends that I had wanted to catch up with anyways but never really got around to it.

This has to be said in all caps: I LOVE LA DOLCE VITA’S GAMBERETTI PIZZA & TORTELLACCI AL PORCINI! Everytime I think of it, my tummy grumbles and craves for more. Ugh. Sweet torture!

So far everything I’ve tried is a winner, but my personal favorites are that pizza and that porcini pasta dish.


Tried some cocktails too! I’m no stranger to bars and cocktails… these are really good. No scrimping. I hate bars that don’t serve decent portions. So I am loving my new best friend, the La Dolce Vita bartender, Egay.

The dance floor comes alive for weekly and one-time events, and gets sizzling hot on Salsa Thursday nights!

I’m not only raving about the food and cocktails… I am equally entertained by its over-the-top italian decor. So festive and sometimes bordering on kitsch, it doesn’t feel like your usual italian resto. This one’s festive and daring. Check out the VIP restroom with the naked statues holding up the mirror… the same thing adorns one of Donatella Versace’s homes. Like the true maximalist that I am, I’m not at all overwhelmed by it all. It feels like home.

Ah, the bar. I’ll be back to La Dolce Vita in a few weeks. I can’t say I won’t get tempted to order a cocktail if I go there for my Gamberetti and Tortellacci al Porcini fix now.

La Dolce Vita is at 41 Polaris st. BelAir Village, Makati City… in case you’re still drooling and sober!


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