I’ve been in love with fashion accessories since childhood. My late grandmother would let me sit inside her closet and play dress-up with her jewelry, scarves and what nots as early as I can remember… maybe 3 years old?

My mother loves telling the story of when I hid one of grandma’s scarves in my tiny purse to wear it on stage for a program… that was in nursery school! To my mother’s surprise, there I was on stage with a huge flamboyant scarf draped on my white sheath dress! I guess my 3 year old fashion sense wanted that exclamation point to an otherwise bland all-white statement.

So, I didn’t really have a chance, right? I was destined to be this way, obsessed with adornments like opera necklaces, status rings, cuffs and bangles. I really believe that any fashion statement gets its exclamation point from a well chosen piece of jewelry… or scarf. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a family heirloom, an investment piece or just a fun bauble. I can’t go out without at least one conversational piece on me.

Spring 2012 presents oodles of fab pieces I am dying for!!!

Here’s the roundup of my LUST LIST for Spring 2012:


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