Jeffrey Campbell: Resort 2012

Jeffrey Campbell‘s Resort 2012 lookbook is out!

I’ve been a fan from a distance of his outrageously tall shoes! Oh how I want to be able to walk the talk… but sadly, I have no guts nor stamina to even try. Maybe when I finally shed off the thirty and some pounds next year, I can finally brave strutting standing and taking baby steps in Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Well, that sure sounds like enough motivation to starve and sweat it out on my spinning bike…. that and Louboutins.

The Resort 2012 collection is inspired by Los Angeles, where Jeffrey Campbell originated. It’s quite a different fashion philosophy from Louboutins. I would wear Jeffrey Campbell shoes for casual and daytime wear then Louboutins mostly for more dressed up occasions and evenings. But, I must say, I would love to see both in my walk in closet! But first, I need to be able to take those baby steps…

For now, while recuperating from surgery, I will just drool for these astonishing shoes.



  1. I am not so much Jeffrey Campbell girl personally but these shoes are definitely cool to look at!

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