Lashing Out!

About a month ago, I was raving about my first-ever lash extensions: Flutter, Flutter. I was drunk with fascination seeing my lashes lush and flirty without the nasty gooey glue of false eyelashes. I was imagining a faint breeze from my fluttering lashes!

This new maintenance regimen arose from having abused my natural lashes with a mechanical curler everyday. I just wanted to wake up with thick, curled lashes everyday! It would surely cut down the time I spend trying to put on false eyelashes perfectly.

I had this done at Lavish Lashes Studio. Chose the “Lavish” item in the menu. Cost = Php 1250.00. I figured it was worth it because I didn’t really want to spend on Latisse yet, then endure the wait for healthy growth. The studio was pretty and cozy. The procedure was done in about an hour and a half.

Walked out of the studio teary-eyed and struggled against instinct to rub. I assumed that the discomfort was normal, just like walking on towering high heels and wearing my heavy Gucci sunnies that leave a mark on my nose bridge. Oh yes, I’m stranger to vanity over comfort.

So I was teary-eyed for three weeks until my friend, Ana, visited from New York and offered to touch up my extensions. She had trained with XtremeLashes in Soho. Of course, I jumped at her offer! I was curious to find out if there was any difference between her technique and that of the lash tech who applied my extensions at Lavish Lashes Studio.

After care material was provided prior to the procedure, while she was laying out her paraphernalia. Lavish Lashes Studio also gave me a little card while I was settling my bill.

Just two weeks out of surgery, this familiar scene was a bit unsettling.

I didn’t think a few extensions on my lashes would result from a whole tack box of paraphernalia!

Ana created a look for me that included blue extensions. I was amazed that it wasn’t just a technical craft and appreciated how it can be so creative too.

Everything’s set on a little table beside the bed. I’m particularly impressed by the disposable lint-free tips and applicators (I forgot to ask what they’re really called). Sterile and safe.

Seeing all of this laid out, I got excited! I had researched XtremeLashes and was looking forward to trying their premium and exclusive products, especially the surgical grade glue!

After assessing my existing extensions, Ana had to remove all of it. It took her an hour to soak and carefully remove clumps of glue along with the Lavish Lashes extensions.

What I found out was alarming!

The lash line of my left eye, which has been itchy for weeks, had the beginnings of an infection. It was already slightly swollen and red. Apparently, the lash technician at Lavish Lashes Studio had attached extensions with clumps of glue directly on my skin!

Now I know enough to ask lash technicians for the following:

1. do not apply glue on my skin

2. do not apply more than 1 lash extension to each natural lash

3. do not use too much glue that can cause clumps and the uncomfortable tugging feeling i had to live with for three weeks!

I was horrified! I know I said I wasn’t a stranger to vanity over comfort but this is something else! An eye infection is not worth all the fluttering!

For now and the next few weeks, I am basking in the splendor of my new XtremeLashes extensions!

I am loving the blue extensions! They are only visible in bright white lighting and sunlight. Makes me feel sexy just knowing they are there, like a luxurious matching pair of undies! 🙂


I even got this Xtreme Length Mascara to amp up my lashes some more. It’s water resistant and specially formulated for both natural lashes and extensions. The comb and brush attachment is indispensable! Yup, I’m all set!

How do I know that this new set of extensions was done right? I FORGET THAT I HAVE LASH EXTENSIONS!

I don’t feel anything at all.

No discomfort.

No itch.

No heaviness.

No tears. 

No regrets!

I can even run the lash comb through my lashes without any snagging at all. Absolutely wonderful!

How am I going to maintain my new extensions?! PANIC!

Ana’s advise was to go back to Lavish Lashes for my next refill and enumerate the above list to the technician. Right. I’m still wary. But eventually, I know I might have to go back to Lavish Lashes unless I fly to New York or Ana visits again soon. Until then, I am hoping that the quality of service at Lavish Lashes Studio has considerably improved. I’ll definitely post updates on that later.


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