Jeffrey Campbell Magic Leopard Booties

There’s unquestionably something disturbing about my fascination for oddly shaped shoes!
I was checking out a recently discovered online shop, NastyGal, and found these Jeffrey Campbell Magic Leopard Booties.

Aptly named “Magic”, don’t you think? I don’t think I can add magic to my short list of skills. More like, “E.R.” for emergency room if I let this this insane fascination get the best of me and click Add to Cart. They do have my size.

I have no idea how anyone can possibly manage this 8 inch wonder. Insane, isn’t it? But how I wish I could. I don’t know if it’s a talent you’re born with or just sheer bravery that makes women attempt to walk in these shoes. I still want it but they are just going to be yet another item on display in my walk-in, if I ever give in to the urge to clickety-click on that cart!

I guess self preservation will win out today. Hopefully, tomorrow too. Wink wink.



  1. what the heck are those things?

  2. Ok, question:
    Ever see a pair of those ‘in the wild’? Gaga doesn’t count…she’d wear anything.
    (I’m just happy to have finally found a pair of tall boots that fit my calves…)

    • LG did wear a pair of tall boots with these heels. agree, she doesn’t count at all. must be hanging on a harness like a marionette! LOL
      I know I’d need that!
      Congratulations on the tall boots! I sometimes have problems with that too. 🙂

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