Flats are my bestfriends.

I know I’ve been whining about not being able to balance on anything over 5 inches and yet I’ve been featuring towering shoes. So I set out to look for flats that pack the same drama. Style and comfort don’t always sit well together. Surprisingly, I found a few styles that do.

DROOL with me…

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Leather Flats

Valentino Studded Flats

Givenchy Metal Toe Ballet Flats

I dream of shoe boxes as stocking stuffers this Christmas. JUST DREAMING!!!

While I would die for these shoes, especially after a night of shuffling my feet to and from dinner with my girlfriends, barely keeping my body upright for a few hours … The reality is, the cost of these shoes can rehabilitate our old wading pool or pay for my new kitchen. Drats.

So, my darling shoozies… We’ll have to wait until the house is all done. For now, I’ll keep on drooling…

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  1. I love flats as much as I love heels. You picked some good ones…the Givenchy ballet flats are my favorite! One day…

  2. Yesssss! Loubie pigalle flats and Valentino beaus definitely top favorites! You better work girl! Lol

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