Crazy Wasteful no more.

Last weekend, after a nice family lunch, I braved the few steps across the resto to Payless. Yup. Payless, the very affordable shoe store.

It really wasn’t in my itinerary but my neice was in there feverishly picking out her loot. We share a passion for shopping, fashion, and shoes so I consciously called on my sore abdominal muscles to suck everything in as I took small geisha-steps until I got into Payless.

AHA moment #1:

No pain or recovering sutures can stop this woman from reaching a shoe store, be it Christian Louboutin or Payless. All discomfort and tingling disappeared the moment I felt the presence of new shoes in their pristine shoe boxes. If I could only bottle that feeling, I’d make a fortune in women’s pain management!

Attention women recuperating from surgery like me… this is the secret to dull the pain of recovery. SHOP for disposable shoes!!!

AHA moment #2:

I have very little filters when it comes to shoes. While fondling a pair of Louboutins may come close to nirvana, I felt a similar high while taking out these Brash Nude Platform pumps out of its box! Cheap or ridiculously expensive, I get that oh-so-familiar high!

AHA moment #3:

There is no shame in wearing disposable fashion.

Having fitted three platform pumps in patent nude, electric blue suede, patent and satin leopard print… I wanted all three, but I knew that I have trouble walking in tall shoes and typically wear shoes like this twice or thrice. The treasures in my shoe closet that I use often are my flats and wedges. I don’t mind paying the price of Tory Burch, Prada, Burberry and the likes for shoes I actually wear often. So why the hell should I throw away good money on shoes I know I’d wear only thrice??? This is crazy. I AM CRAZY wasteful. It makes me sick to think about all those shoes in my closet that I haven’t even worn!!! If I add up the value of those shoes, I can buy my professional oven! MADNESS! (Cue Hubby jumping for joy…)

No, I am not saying I won’t buy designer shoes anymore. Quality is something I will not sacrifice. But when I do, I will buy only those styles I know I will be wearing often.

For fast fashion and styles that will only go with a few outfits, Payless it is. No cringing. No fortune wasted. 

I am not apologizing to snooty kinds out there. You know who you are… Like I said at my Mom-in-Law’s eulogy “Brands DO NOT define me.”

Now back to the nude platforms… I’ve been searching for the most basic shape I could find and I only found it now in a guilt-free price. I’m certainly hoarding platforms whether I eventually learn to walk confidently in those “E.R.” shoes. Oh yeah, I call them that for emergency room. Still crazy, but not wasteful.

I’ll be saving so much by choosing disposable fashion shoes over these! (Cue hubby’s worried face… how many of these “fast fashion/disposable shoes will this woman actually hoard?!?!)

Jimmy Choo 

Brian Atwood

Miu Miu

Christian Louboutin

Yes, I will wear Payless. And, yes, I still want my designer shoes. Bottomline, I am still crazy for shoes. There’s no cure for this madness. (Cue hubby rolling eyes.)


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