Training for 6 inch Heels

I long to go back to my twenties when I could wear stilettos and 4 inches all day and thru a night of dancing and standing at clubs with minimal discomfort. These days, an hour on 4 inches gives my toes cramps! And, my gait is so awkward, to say the least. Far from sexy.

Sometime between my thirties and now, I succumbed to more feet-friendly flats. But, I still gawk at sexy platform heels like a child in a toy store and still manage to bring home a few pairs. The growing collection is gathering dust in my closet and yet just yesterday I got another three pairs! MADNESS.

Did I say I love challenges? Well, here’s the latest: How to walk gracefully in 6 inch platform heels!

I’ve been whining about how I can’t walk in tall shoes and yet I haven’t done anything about it. Today, I did some research. Makes perfect sense. I google topics I don’t understand. Why not google about training my body to walk in tall shoes?

Voila! There’s tons of tips online:

Walk in high heels.

How to walk in high heels and stilettos.

How to walk in seven inch platform heels in public.

The definitive guide on how to walk in high heel shoes.

Ok, I know this sounds ditsy. Any woman should be able to put on high heeled shoes, stand upright and walk. Sure, I can do that. But the objective is to walk with confidence and grace – no wobbly knees, no wincing in pain, no look of fear and certainly no trips to the emergency room! What have I gotten myself into?!

Apparently, it’s like training for a sport. Oh yeah. This woman wasn’t born to be athletic. This is going to be tough. And, it’s not just training the feet. Almost the entire body is involved here: calves, knees, lower back, abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms. Yup. Not just feet. No wonder my athletic friends walk effortlessly in platform heels.

So, for the next few days, I am starting with two simple exercises. I’m in no hurry anyway as I still have a month to get my doctor’s green light to start any kind of fitness routine. Ideally, I would work on my lower back and abs for core strength but that won’t help my healing suture areas.

Exercise 1: STRETCH! 

Bend toes backwards for a few seconds and release.

Rotate ankles. Apparently, the ankles are the weakest point when walking in tall shoes.

Standing with feet together, on bare feet, raise heels and slowly transfer weight to the toes.

Flex the feet and calves.

Repeat all the steps several times.


This is to train the toes and entire feet to the shape of the shoes without actually putting weight on the feet.

Today, I spent 3 hours sitting down with my training heels on while I was doing my usual stuff online.

I actually had my morning coffee on heels. This can work.

At some point nearing the third hour, my right big toe started to get crampy. Took off the shoes to rest my feet.

Restart tomorrow.



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