DAY 2: 6inch Heels Training

Yesterday, I started my training: stretching, then 3 hours on 6 inch heels while sitting down.

First few exercises at: Training for 6 inch Heels « Rica Rants & Raves.

Today, I put on my training heels again and walked around the house.

After practicing with 5 inch wedges last night, 6 inches seem bearable today.

Aha moment!

Correct posture is the secret to balancing on these tall shoes!

Standing tall, with back straight, chest out, and tight abs keeps the body weight properly distributed. Aside from looking so much better, being constantly conscious of posture creates the best starting point for a graceful stride. I don’t look like a burglar sneaking on tip toes in the shadows. A few more days walking around the house and hopefully I’ll be ready to try uneven ground outdoors.


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