Cat Walk

Retail therapy’s even more fun when you find such a steal like this Brash Lash Wedge in Satin Leopard from Payless!

Still in recovery from my recent abdominal surgery, this was my first attempt to balance in anything over two inches in over a month. This must be 4 to 4 1/2 inches tall, if not 5.

To my surprise, it felt very stable even going up and down an inclined ramp!

No wobbly knees. No soft ankles. No teetering!

I didn’t feel any pinching on my toes at all standing and walking for hours at a dinner party. My friend’s cat, Lilo, kept on rubbing against my feet. I guess the leopard print’s that convincing!

What a great find for USD 40.00!



  1. Filipina De Guzman

    Do you still have size 5 of this leopard wedge? I really love to buy can I avail of it?

    • Hi there! I’m sorry but I don’t sell any merchandise. I just feature stuff I lust for. 🙂 Try… Lots of online shops sell these beautiful towering wonders! Good luck on your search!

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