Etude House Nail Polish Loot

It’s no secret that my newest fixation is nail art. So it’s no surprise that I walked out of my newly discovered favorite cutesy shop, Etude House, with 5 bottles of nail polish and tear drop gems!

I thought I’d be all set with six Konad Image plates, the Konad stamp and scraper, and a few bottles of special polish. But, I realized I needed a good assortment of colors and gems to be able to execute the designs I want to make. This is how my nail polish collection exploded from a few bottles to a few tack boxes that now takes up an entire shelf of our fridge!

Amazing how these little bottles, ranging from Php 90.00 to Php 300.00 each, gives me so much happiness whenever I bring one home to join their sisters in the fridge!

Call it shallow or whatever you want but little bottles of nail polish for christmas are the perfect gifts for me! wink, wink 🙂

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One comment

  1. Oh I am much the same. My polish collection has grown so much despite the 25 bundle monster faux-nad plates I got!

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