Holiday Nail Art

Five weeks post-op and I find myself twiddling my thumbs with boredom. I can certainly move better now without much discomfort so I tried doing my own mani and pedi. Doing my toe nails was no biggie now! Yey to no pain when bending over to reach my toes!

It’s Christmas time and I’m finally in a festive mood! 

For the design, I started with deciding on what colors I want to use. In the spirit of Christmas, I chose a dark apple red and a shimmery light gold.

My inspiration: traditional christmas ornaments!

I thank my work experience as a fashion buyer, along with being a frustrated stylist and interior decorator that helped me conceptualize my nail art designs with a mood board. Of course it’s easy to just google designs but I wanted to be more creative than that.

Doing a mood board is so much easier now with FRAME MAGIC, an app for iPhone and iPad that’s super easy to use! It’s only 99 cents and worth every penny.

Another boredom buster during my recovery period is organizing my hobby paraphernalia into tack boxes. My Konad nail art tools and tiny containers of gems and glitters are now neatly packed away in a little USD 2.00 case I got from a local Daiso shop. My basic nail tools go into another case, and bottles of nail polish are grouped by color family into several cases.

My holiday nails, step-by-step:

1. prep nails (clean, cut, shape, file, buff, apply base coat)

2. apply first layer to entire nail: red polish. make sure that each layer is dry (minimum 5 minutes)

3. apply french tips: gold polish

4. apply lace stamp design in white above the gold tips

5. add white dots as guide for gem stones (acts as a guide for placement and keeps the design complete even when the gems fall off later)

6. apply gems with glue by using orange sticks (it’s okay to drench the tiny gems with glue)

7. apply clear top coat when all layers are thoroughly dry

8. massage cuticle oil on cuticles

TIP: Add another layer of top coat to help keep gems on the nails. Should any gems fall off, just put them back with glue and put a thin layer of top coat over the small area.

VOILA! Christmas party – ready nails! 🙂



  1. Ellen

    You are amazing!!!! So creative! I love it! 🙂

  2. i am always so impressed by what people like you can do on your nails! very pretty =]

  3. Wow! Really really good. I can barely put on nailpolish with my right hand…

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