My Love Affair with a Chair


The Proust chair by Magis is on top of my lust list for our new house!

I can just imagine having a tall glass of of fresh fruit shake… or maybe a chambord cocktail with hubby on our veranda. The only color on display was black but it comes in orange, dark green, white and multi color. I love black but orange will match our blown glass chandelier in the living room.

My heart is racing as I visualize a pair of orange Proust chairs in the new house. Hubby’s heart might stop beating though at Php 65,000.00 a piece. Maybe if I give up a new bag and a new pair of red-soled shoes…


This polyethylene chair is not just another chair. It’s Alessandro Mendini’s homage to his original 1978 Poltrona di Proust chair that was made of hand painted wood and fabric. Inspired by Louis XV style, it represents the romantic baroque era that’s so relevant today.

Capellini’s Proust Geometrica from 2009 is a dream at USD 13,500.00!


I’m inspired to transform the six clawfooted dining chairs we have in storage into pieces of  functional art!

My DIY versions might just be the closest I can get to owning an Alessandro Mendini chair.

Superego Editions‘s miniature ceramic collectibles are so adorable but come in very limited quantities at a jaw-dropping price range of USD 1,100.00 to USD 3,000.00 each.  Solid colors are limited to 55 of each, three metallic versions are limited to 45 of each and two pixel patterned versions are limited to 35 editions of each!

These are my favorite colors!

Now to take out those dining chairs from storage and go upholstery and paint shopping… PROJECT!!!


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