Ruby Red Shoes and ???

“We’ll get you shoes when you’re feeling better!”
These were my Hubby’s words to distract me from what seemed like impending doom, a month and so ago when I would hyperventilate at the thought of yet another epidural. He really knows how to calm me down! I thought of shoes, among the other “happy place” thoughts in my head while on the operating table.

Six weeks and four pairs of shoes later, I still need “distraction”. This is a lifetime of dependency. Addiction would be a better diagnosis. Oh, poor Hubby. But, in return, he gets a very happy me! Not surprisingly, I felt no pain nor discomfort at all at my suture areas whilst perusing the malls for shoes!

The most recent “distraction” is a ruby red pair of pumps with a gigantic red gem set in gold chains. It reminded me of Christmas.

So I painted my nails the same deep red with gold french tips and a sprinkling of nail art gems.

I love this deep ruby color and how it isn’t a blaring fire engine red. I find it more elegant and opulent, plus it can work with this Yves Saint Laurent bag I had not used for ages. PERFECTION.


Ruby shoes, ruby nails, ruby bag… with what?
Black would be the immediate, easiest, no brainer choice.

Any shade of green will make me look like one of Santa’s elves. Ok, maybe Mrs. Santa with my silk ruby bandana.

What to wear with red shoes.

Very entertaining article with tons of great advise!

Daring to go beyond the usual and ho-hum black and red combo, I would like to find a dress, or if I get lucky, a jumpsuit in a shade of khaki. I’m thrilled at the picture in my head of my ruby shoes, nails, bag, gold accessories and a khaki colored jumpsuit. I only have jumpsuits in black, teal, aubergine and dark grey.

This is not going to be easy! I hope I find one!



  1. Now THOSE are shoes I could happily get into!
    I gave up the Pursuit of Fashion long ago (not really a good fit with my lifestyle anymore) But still can’t resist a Bit of Bling…
    Gives ‘twinkle toes’ new meaning!

  2. I am in love wid these shoes:)

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