Personal Style + 2012 Reinvention

I chanced upon this interesting blog and it got me thinking of my fashion choices this year and wondered how 2012 will be any different.

Ruby Slipper Journeys: how to buy what you’ll wear and wear what you buy: lessons learned from personal style blogging.

Staring at my mess of a closet, I realized I had only been wearing what were in front and on top of piles. Or they were in front and on top because they are the ones I use most. I’ve been stacking and packing clothes forever to move to the new house that I don’t even remember half of what I have! Sad, really. But, I find that my lifestyle on sabbatical doing gardening, tinkering about in the kitchen and going out to the malls have dictated a more casual, relaxed look that’s become a huge facet of my personal style.

So what have been my wardrobe staples this year?

The most worn piece of clothing I can’t live without is a pair of distressed roll-up jean shorts by Zara. I don’t have a photo of it but this comes very close!


I’ve worn this everywhere, anytime of the day! 

1. with boyfriend blazers, 5 inch platform pumps, and oodles of bangles – for girls’ nights out!

2. with a myriad of thrifted breezy cotton tops, sandals and clogs – for daytime bohemian look

3. with boyfriend tees, various boots, and long coats/cardigans – for days when I miss working with RVCA

4. with basic tees, tank tops, flip flops and crocs – for days stuck at home

It isn’t the only pair of jean shorts I own but it’s the most comfy. Having been yoyo-dieting through the years means I have jean shorts in multiple sizes and lengths. This one amazingly fits my size 4 to 8 range this year. Hopefully I can shrink enough this coming 2012 to keep this in the back of the closet and use the others that have been packed away for months!

Here are the other most-used pieces that I think will continue to be favorites next year.

Some were thrifted. Some bought as far as Spain. Some have been in my closet for years. Admittedly, I haven’t been on a shopping spree for clothes because of my stubborn belief that I’m losing a ton of weight soon. Well, soon starts January 2012 when my doctor gives me the go to start exercising.

Next year’s photo gallery will probably include pieces I wear when entertaining at the new house! That, I’m really excited about!

How do I define my personal style?

I find this tough to answer. I know what I like and I do collect pieces that jump into my face when I go shopping. Most of them stay in the closet and get worn a few times, like that pair of patent white 14-hole Doc Martens, my original japanese release Converse knee-high chucks, a pair of 6 inch Michael Kors patent sandals, a dozen or so Melissas, my ruby red Ferragamo moccasins…. and those Sanuk Tube Flops in various colors that I still don’t know when I can wear again! These occasional pieces do get their days in the sun but it all depends on my mood or sometimes, just simply how deep they are in the closet. Now that we are moving to the new house with a decent-sized walk in closet, I predict that my style will evolve to include the 90% that are the evidence of impulse shopping.

More than anything, I think my personal style can’t be tied down to specific articles of clothing, trend, nor price range. I’m equally attracted to dainty florals and spiked cuff bracelets… and I get the same palpitation from a great thrifted find and a shiny new Balenciaga.

It has to do with my lifestyle at the moment. 2011 is the year I kicked back and enjoyed being bored, pursuing gardening, ice cream making and setting up this blog. 2012 is the year I drop a ton of weight, beautify our new home, and open its doors to entertain my closest and dearest family and friends.

I’m excited to reinvent myself and all the shopping trips that will take! I’ve even started my idea boards at Pinterest to get the ball rolling. And, I am taking valuable tips from blogger Shelly of Declaration of Style for her great article: How to Create a Wardrobe You Love.

HELLO 2012!!! 🙂



  1. Thanks for the link love 🙂

  2. Hi, thank you for the shout out 🙂 This is such a great post. iI look forward to seeing more from you.

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