I LOVE Anna Sui!

I’ve been a fan of ANNA SUI for years and have managed to hoard accessories for my vanity table from my trips to Tokyo and New York. I just feel like this model whenever I whip out my hand mirror – one of my very first Anna Sui purchases.

In Tokyo, I only had the chance to shop at the Narita Duty Free shops and in-store counters. So I made sure to research for the Anna Sui boutique when I planned my first trip to New York. I remember how my fingers trembled as I wrote down the address of the Soho store on my hotel note pad, with my feet itching to go out and find it.

Behold, the Anna Sui Soho shop! It felt like my whole body and soul was pulled like a magnet as I glimpsed the purple flag upon turning to Greene St.

My jaw dropped. I stood across the shop, on the opposite side of the street to marvel at the sight of the store front. My feet were possessed, scurrying as quick as I could to get thru the door!

This happened many years ago and I can still feel the rush when I remember that moment.


Stepping through the front door, I had to check myself. Too excited. Mouth wide open.


I wanted to touch everything, fit everything. I was taking a mental snapshot of everything around me.

It felt like home. I remember saying out loud “I want to live here!”

While I can’t clearly define my personal style, I find myself very strongly attracted to Anna Sui’s fashion philisophy. It’s a lot of color and prints. Feminine and yet quite bold and sometimes, rock n’ roll! She just makes fashion FUN!

In the following weeks, as I try to organize and beautify our new home, I can’t wait to create a little Anna Sui corner on my vanity table for my Anna Sui beauty haul. I’m even thinking of painting the wall purple, just like the shop!

Anna Sui Antique Beauty Box

Anna Sui Rectangular Beauty Box

Anna Sui Brush Stand

Anna Sui Hand Mirror

Anna Sui Compact Hair Brush

Anna Sui Large Hair Brush

Anna Sui Eye Liner Brush

Recently, I’ve seen generic accessories similar to Anna Sui but have not really found one good copy. All of them feel very light and breakable. The real deal is made of a heavier, crack-proof material. The hand mirror that’s been in my daily cosmetic kit and jiggled around in my purses for years, doesn’t show any cracks and has only hairline scratches.

I’m a bit disappointed that there are only a few styles available at the Anna Sui online shop.

I’m looking for bigger trays, jewelry containers, a display piece for earrings, and maybe even a soap dish. I’ve seen generic ones that match the authentic Anna Sui beauty tools but can’t find any updated online shops. If anyone knows of an online shop selling more styles of a similar design, please drop me a note!!!

My Anna Sui obsession doesn’t stop at beauty tools. I love my powders, lipsticks, eye color, cologne and nail polish. The packaging matches the tools!

Anna Sui Loose Powder

Anna Sui Moisture Foundation

Anna Sui Lips, Eyes & Fragrance

(Just examples for now. Will post my colors when I’m done organizing.)

How can I resist collecting these?! Just IRRESISTIBLE!



  1. Hey thanx for d link:) Such a nice post:) I am going to look around in Anna Sui today for all d stuff u have mentioned:)Luckily it is easily accessible and very famous here in Osaka:)

    • I’m GREEN WITH ENVY!!! You’re so lucky you’re in Osaka! I’m pretty sure you’ll find tons of cute Anna Sui stuff where you are! Post your Anna Sui beauty haul! Excited to see them! How I wish I can visit Japan soon to get some more. It’s so hard to find any here in Manila. 😦

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