Gone insane over Five Fingers!

I posted THE BIGGEST SHOE TREND FOR 2011 just recently and got possessed by the usual insatiable desire to have something that seemed elusive.

I just HAD TO HAVE these shoes!


Not that it wasn’t on my wish list at all and just jumped on the bandwagon having realized it’s a major trend … No. I tried on a pair of these nine months ago and just wasn’t in the mood. Hubby loves his trek version and I must admit, they do feel soooo comfy. The trend alert just reminded me that I wanted it before and should have gotten it!

Hubby’s spot on and I’m lagging behind?! Nooooooooo!!!

Insanity crept in.

For two days, I bothered just about everyone in my universe. And to think, these are just comfy, functional shoes with just a tiny bit of flair. They aren’t even Louboutins!!! I am crazy.

I posted my fixation on Facebook, googled the shoe, called the local distributor, bugged a few friends to check the malls for stock. The local distributor’s office was very helpful. The girl who helped me was “Ruth”. She called all the shops to look for my size but sadly, they were all out of stock. Friends and relatives called shops. Some went as far as going to the shops near them to look for it – not just in this country but elsewhere too!

I found two sources online: Vibram Five Fingers Italy and Adventure Megastore in Australia. Possessed with this all consuming fixation, I cheerily told my hubby: “I found it! If I can’t get it from Australia, then I’ll have to get it from Italy!” Right. I live in the Philippines. It’s not like the local customs organization is easy to work with. I’ve heard too many horror stories of innocent consumers being slapped duties higher than the value of the items in their packages!  Not for me. In fact, I don’t shop online unless I know someone can bring my purchases home in their check-in luggage.

So this week being the panic-stricken few days before Christmas, I was almost certain I won’t find anyone just vacationing in Australia.

I was wrong!!! One of my very best friends happened to be in Sydney! She’s coming home for Christmas eve!

Did I mention the Australia store reserved me a pair in case I figure out how to get it??? Oh, yes. Without any idea how I could get the shoes, I emailed the store. That’s how crazy possessed I was. Still am.

The guy from the store gave me a deadline today so he can still get the package to my friend before she heads out of Sydney. I got his message 30 minutes to the deadline. Fueled by two cups of coffee and temporary insanity, my fingers raced to get the transaction done! I think I was hyperventilating. Forgot to breathe. Checked my transaction info twice and hit… PROCEED TO ORDER.

I should be relaxing now, right???


I’m still waiting for the guy’s confirmation that he’s able to send it to my friend, the fastest way possible.

WILL MY SHOES MAKE IT BY CHRISTMAS??? I’m still holding my breath. Otherwise, there will be a pair of lonely, weird sequined shoes in a hotel’s storage room.

Meanwhile, I’ll be torturing my feet with towering tall vice-grip shoes until they find respite in the shoes that got me insane.

Stay tuned for updates…


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