I’ve always been fascinated with peacock feathers. The colors are just so bold and flamboyant!

It’s also nice to know that the peacock is India’s national bird. It is the symbol for virtues I like to live by:

Beauty. Grace. Love. Compassion. Soul. Peace.

“Since peacocks are pure at heart, loyal and faithful to their partners, they also symbolize eternal love. The male peacock goes to great lengths to attract his hearts desire. Display the image of peacock in the bedroom to symbolize fidelity in your relationship encouraging a lasting and loving partnership.” 

This is my favorite theme for table setting too, especially for Christmas! But, having delayed our move to the new house… I guess I still have a lot of time to plan for next year’s table setting.

For now, I am going to create a peacock inspired theme for my next nail art project!

One of my best friends from New Jersey, Moxie, sent me this nail color pack from Ulta.


A few inspirational ideas online:

I’m thinking of practicing my fine motor skills with the dozen or so fine art brushes I seemed to have amassed over the past two weeks. Just for this theme, I think I’ll give the Konad Stamp tools a rest. But, maximalist me will for sure struggle keeping the gems to a bare minimum. 🙂

I’ll find time to squeeze in this project when my O.C.D. streak’s waned a bit. Still absolutely overwhelmed with sorting and organizing my new walk in closet!


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