and the Fashion Betrayal goes on…

This is an update on my hunt for a sequined VFF: Gone Insane over Five Fingers!

The current fixation: Vibram Five Fingers Classic Pailette.

I finally got to see my friend who flew in from Sydney with my shoes! I told her I didn’t mind the box if it was going to use up too much space in her luggage. So I was pleasantly surprised when she showed me the box!

Giddy as I unboxed this odd yet coveted sequined shoes…

In my mind, the box had a pulsating glow around it. My fingers were trembling a bit as I picked at the tab to open it.

Size 37… same size as the Vibram Five Fingers Jaya that I tried on just recently.

Behold, the weirdest shoe in my closet… Well, that could be debatable. Still, anything with sequins is an instant winner.



Apparently, this style has a much thicker and rigid fabric and sole. It doesn’t stretch like the Jaya. While this size 37 fits like a glove, my “monkey” toes (my toes are longish) are too snug and slightly bent when I stand and put weight on the shoes. Hubby says, my toes should be able to stretch out flat and let me plant my weight on all toes. That wasn’t the feeling I got when I tried them on.

SAD. Sooo SAD.

So my shoes will have to fly back to Sydney end of January to be replaced with the next size up, size 38.

I’m anxious once again, waiting for the guys at Adventure Megastore Sydney to reply to my request for the replacement!

In the meantime, I am drooling over more of these odd shoes… and wondering if I’d actually take to wearing Five Fingers without feeling even a bit of shame. It’s FASHION BETRAYAL, isn’t it? Here I am, ogling over Louboutins, “training” my feet to walk on 6 inch platforms… And I shamelessly obsess over these very utilitarian shoes!!!

Vibram Five Fingers PERFORMA.

Lush, supple, perforated leather in a deep coral red. I don’t know how I’ll get my hands on this one. But, I always find a way…

Vibram Five Fingers Jaya LR in almond/copper.

I was able to try this on.

LOVE it.

It felt like just a pair of socks with rubber grips. Not so sure how my legs will feel to walk on these but if that means getting stronger and toned… SOLD. Not sure though if Hubby will believe me or if I will look genuinely convinced that these VFF’s are the best shoes ever. My platform shoes are going to storm out of my closet and protest!!! They will mock me in my sleep!!!

I guess the only way to appease my feelings of fashion betrayal is to think of these shoes as “a vacation for tortured feet”… but I still feel like I’m cheating on fashion, my first love. My tall shoes will hopefully not mind. They will for sure always outnumber these utilitarian kinds! Afterall, minimalist shoes alone can’t possibly make me happy. I’m a maximalist at heart!



  1. Angel

    Lol I could never wear these…I don’t like feet (i believe it is ppl’s ugly toes that bother me ,especially the toe protruding an open toe shoe with toe nail tips wt?!?! ) so to wear shoes shaping toes would just be a no for moi ,yet I have to would u style these?

    • Hi Angel! I do agree that these don’t look flattering. I would categorize these as fitness shoes, to join my other workout shoes and not my fashion shoes. My toes, however, need some respite from 6inch heels. So when I have the chance to let me toes relax, I have these utilitarian shoes with just a touch of me in the sequins! As for styling, I’m wearing these with yoga or casual harem pants, tank tops and slouchy off-shoulder boxy tops.

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