My inner juvie drools for Dr Martens x Swarovski Boots!

DR MARTENS x SWAROVSKI 10-Hole Patent Boots from Dr Martens’ Elements Collection

This might come as a surprise to those who only see that side of me that drools for Louboutins and all those very sexy vamp shoes. But, I must confess, the gemini that I am does have an inner juvie!

Having breezed through the early nineties in the original, and seemingly indestructible Dr Martens 8-hole boots and flowy dresses… there still remains a special place in my heart for Dr Martens. I know it may not be age-appropriate now that I’m in my early forties. I just don’t care about that! Though my original 8-hole DM’s no longer fit, I still wear DM’s now in shiny white patent! 14-holes at that! With double zippers!

The Swarovski collab is genius! Sparkling crystals and black patent leather… it’s as if Dr Martens deliberately conceptualized this for me! I wonder where I can find this fab DM?!

New year, same old insane-for-shoes me.

Someone said “some people never change” about me. Hell yeah!!! I can shout it out loud and immortalize it here in my blog… I am NEVER going to change!

This is WHO I AM and I LOVE IT! 


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