No more excuses!

One misconception about being fashionable and stylish is that it involves a whole lot of $$$ to put an outfit together. Undeniably, designer brands are not accessible to most. A lot has to do with sky-high prices and for some, physical accessibility though online shopping almost certainly can get you around that limitation.

Now, more than ever, some previously inaccessible brands have trickled down to mass market chains with mass market prices at that.

H&M and Target have, in the past years, made a multitude of fashionistas lining up street blocks to get their hands on designer pieces at prices that no longer needed breaking the bank.

Anna Sui, Rodarte, Rafe, Karl Lagerfeld, Missoni and a few more have graced the selling floors of H&M and Target stores causing somewhat short of a stampede on launch days. More designer brands are getting on the bandwagon: Marni, Jason Wu, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, Versace. 

Whether you have thousands of dollars for a quick retail fix or just $100, or even less… you can put together a great outfit! It doesn’t even have to be from a designer collab line. I’ve personally found treasures from thrift and vintage shops with each piece costing no more than $10! In my previous posts, I’ve featured finds like Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Escada, and Jill Stuart. All it takes is a little time, patience and an eye for winners!

But if you’re not all that dependent on designer labels, there’s always fast fashion brands like Forever21, Zara, Mango, Promod and Topshop. I get insane when these shops go on end-season sales! The trick is to pick the fashion forward pieces, key colors or basics that will transcend the past season.

Really, there’s no longer any excuse to keep your wardrobe stale. This post is actually directed at myself too! I still have a major hangover from spending hours in Forever21 last week, a store I somehow shunned for the past few years. It’s just overwhelming when you don’t have a lot of time! Before Forever21 hit Manila, I’d go past it in malls in the U.S. simply because I only had a few minutes for shopping during my business trips. So I used to go to smaller shops or do targeted shopping, having specific items on my list. Only a few times did I actually take the time to go in and try a few items on. Now that Forever21’s in Manila, right next to hubby’s office… well hello?! It’s my instant retail therapy, just after doing grocery shopping. It’s my reward after a chore, like a carot dangling at the end of the stick!

Hello 2012!

My new walk-in closet is waiting for fresh finds! Collab, thrifted, designer, fast fashion…

I’ll make space for you! 🙂


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