Summer Scarves

As I walked past Promod last week on one of my “me days”, I glanced upon a sliver of 2012’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango. My feet shuffled as fast as they could into the shop to get a better look.
Voila! I found these scarves! On sale! SOLD!

But, I must confess that I really don’t know how to wear scarves! Embarrassing really, for someone who loves all things fashion. In theory, I do know how it should look. Whenever I try, I either look like I’m freezing in the dead of winter, or wrestling with a fabric octopus, or a bag lady with no other way to keep hoards of clothes but on her neck.

Tsk tsk tsk. For someone who can do intricate nail art, style long locks ala Kim Kardashian, the art of tying a scarf just eludes me!

I dream of looking effortlessly elegant. In my head, I am posing like Kate Winslet in the recent issue of V mag.

What a vision!

Either I need Mario Testino to take my photo, her stylist, or her chiseled bone structure… or all of that!

Not happening, I know. And yet, I have 3 silk head scarves that are pre-stitched to form a head scarf from Evita Peroni. Should be easy, right? NOPE. I still don’t get that glam feeling! More like… cover-my-forehead-so-I-don’t-drip-sweat feeling.

I’m up for the challenge though, now that I have these new scarves. I’m researching and taking a mental picture of all the ideas I’ve gathered.

Aside from the casually-thrown-around-the-neck look that always gets me back to fabric-octopus-attack, I really want to do headscarves. Such a bold statement! I must try it!

Here are the looks I want to replicate.

Good luck to me!

If I do successfully evade the less than glam results I used to get… I’m on to a new collection! 🙂



  1. Det Dario

    Hi Rica,
    I don’t know if you’ve seen this but this video helps me a lot when it comes to wearing neck scarves !

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