5 months Post-Op: Transformation in Full-Swing!

Getting on that spinning bike was not just a matter of commitment. I had to be physically healed and beyond any risk of post-op complications!

October 30, 2011 is a date that still makes me quiver. It was the day of my life-changing operation.

Hysterectomy may be to some, a routine procedure. It might very well be to medical professionals but to one who’s had a traumatic experience with an epidural… the month long suspense and all the procedures leading up to the operation was horrific.

For more than a year before my operation, I suffered excruciating pain to the point of being a regular patient in emergency rooms for pain management every month. Sure, pain medication was easy to obtain and they do the job. But, I didn’t want to jump from pain to addiction. Hysterectomy meant independence for me. Freedom from periodic pain… freedom to stick to a fitness routine without having to take one to two weeks off every month. Getting back into shape was the carrot dangling at the end of a long stick and I was eager to grab it!

My doctor gave me the green light to resume normal activity at three months post-op. Two months would have been okay had I not developed a complication. I got impatient and bored before I was completely healed… my bad. I was itching to go malling and I did. Hematoma is what happened. Lesson learned. I do utter once in a while that malling is cardio. Well, it felt like cardio and I shouldn’t have done it!

At three months post-op, having spent most of my time horizontal with nothing to do but channel surf, read books, play games on my iPad and yes… emotional eating, my body was in dire need of exercise. So I put on my running shoes and tried walking as far as I can go, doing sporadic sprints. I listened to my body and it said… not quite yet. I felt pinching discomfort in my abdominal area. I didn’t want to risk another complication so I decided to wait some more.

Four months post-op, I put on my trainers and brought out my gym outfits that went to the most accessible and visible shelves in my closet. Behold, NO MORE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT! I started off with light cardio, listened to my body and added flexibility and strength training a little each day until I could brave doing ab crunches. It was a month-long warm up.

Today marks my fifth month post-op and I woke up like a zombie, grabbing my running shoes and changing to gym threads. I don’t think I’ll ever be a runner but I enjoy brisk walking and sprinting to work up a sweat. Maybe for full-on running and Beachbody’s Insanity Workout, I still need another month to warm up! Or, hubby can drop me off a few kilometers from the mall with a big SALE sign. Now THAT will get me running. Full-on running!!! Hahaha!

For now, it’s a mash up of Weight Training, Spinning, Zumba, Cardio Boxing, Cardio Funk, Pilates Crunches, Balance Ball, Body Flow, Brazil Butt Lift Workout, Hip Hop Abs… and tons of other workout videos I’ve obsessively collected during my bed rest. I really have NO MORE EXCUSES. The new house came with a gym. It’s not just a floor space too. I have that spinning bike that’s begging to be used! The guys from Life Fitness just installed the home gym (cable weights), and my standing kick bag finally has a permanent spot.

I am COMMITTED to this. Yup. Hello, new obsession!

At 42 (coming very soon), my gift to myself is TRANSFORMATION.

My priority is to get healthy and strong. Looking great in a new wardrobe (plus the shopping!) is just a bonus!

Hmmm. Who am I kidding??!!! SHOPPING. Huge motivation! 🙂


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